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Since our last visit to the Glenmore Reservoir in October, we decided to pay the indoor testing tank (image below) a second visit to undertake anoter stage of testing. This time- for paddle noise.

Equipped with our paddles (courtesy of Undercurrents, Calgary AB) and armed with an acoustic noise measuring device (courtesy of the Department of Mechanical Engineering, Calgary AB) we headed to the Glenmore Reservoir’s Indoor Facility to undertake our first round of acoustic testing.

The paddles were tested to assess how much overall noise each one generated during a paddling cycle of 10 strokes. Two intensity levels were chosen- one at 20 beats per minutes (BPM), and a second trial at 30 BPM- meaning a new stroke was started at each 20 or 30 beat increment.

The various paddles tested are shown here:

The Dihedral Paddle

The ‘Scoop’ Paddle

The Otter Tail

The Traditional Paddle

The Shearwater Paddle

Noise Level Results (click image to enlarge)

Keeping in mind inherent error in the testing methodology, generalized conclusions should be made with caution.

However, this is a promising preliminary result which suggests that the ‘quietness’ of the paddle can be optimized further from conventional paddles currently on the market.

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